Childhood Memories by Books.

02 Jun

I have loved books for as long as I can remember. I remember reading the ‘Peter and Jane’ books in school as I was learning to read. I remember having stories read to me, books have been with me for as long as I can remember.

The first books I remember really getting excited about reading myself was ‘The Secret Seven’ by Enid Blyton. I liked lots of her books, but ‘The Secret Seven’ were by far my favourite.

The Secret Seven, Enid Blyton


If you never read these books, you missed out. I spent some time reminiscingĀ about the characters and their adventures. Of course there were seven in this secret club, they met in a shed at the bottom of a garden. They had a secret password that they all had to remember to get in.

They had great snacks during their meeting where they spoke of mysteries to solve and adventures to find. They always solved the mysteries and were told that they were a great bunch of kids by the police.


There was Peter – he was the leader and he made all the big decisions. A confident boy, my memories of him are that he was a good leader, but a little abrupt with the girls sometimes.

Then there was Janet – Peter’s little sister. She seems to take after Peter with her bravery. she is a great character, I think my favourite. The other girls were a bit giggly.

Then there is Jack – he seemed to be best friends with Peter. When they teamed off together, Peter and Jack always paired off together.

Colin – I don’t remember too much about him. The other characters were far stronger. But he was one of the seven and helped out in all their adventures and missions.

George – He was good friends with Colin and they paired up when Peter and Jack paired up. I remember George’s most famous moment. He was told by his Mother that he couldn’t be in the Secret Society anymore, but he helped out in a great mystery about kidnapped dogs. The police praised all seven children, especially George. So, his Mother relented and let him join up again.

There were two other girls, Barbara and Pam – they are what I would imagine would be considered typical little girls from the 50’s. They would be considered politically incorrect and written by a sexist author at this present time. They were giggly and silly and often dismissed by Peter.

secret7 meet

Scamper the dog always came to the meetings too, they met in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet’s garden.

I loved these books so much that my friend and I had secret meetings in the shed at the bottom of her garden. Our mysteries just weren’t as exciting as theirs, though we did manage to find adventures to get up to.

So, this was my first pure book series love. As I got older, my love for reading continued. I will write about my next childhood memory books in my next post.

secret 7


Do you remember The Secret Seven? Who was your favourite character or best mystery? Did you meet in a shed with secret passwords?

What great childhood memories!


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