After The Seven came The Folk……

08 Jun

My first book series love was The Secret Seven, as seen in my last post.

To continue my childhood book memories, I’m going to  reminisce about my other most favourite childhood read. This is the book I remember as my fantasy world book. I absolutely loved it.

This book is The Folk of The Faraway Tree.

The Folk of The Faraway Tree

I had my doubts about writing about this book because I remembered it so fondly, I didn’t want to spoil my memory by going back to it. However, I decided to take the risk!! (Big gambler that I am!).

This book was about three children Jo, Bessie and Fanny. They have a visitor called Connie, their mother is asked to look after her while Connie`s mother is sick.  The children are not keen on Connie to begin with,  but they are good polite children who take Connie with them to their favourite place. Connie doesn’t believe this place is real. She calls it silly and made up, which upsets the children.  They take her to see The Tree and all its occupants. Mr Saucepan man, Silky, Moonface, Mr Watizisname and Dame Washalot and soon enough Connie is as enchanted as the children and me by this magical place.


Of course Connie gets herself into a few pickles, but Enid Blyton fans will know all turns out well.

The tree is a magic tree, where many different lands appear at the top. Some of these lands are The Enchanted Land, Nursery Rhyme land, The land of Marvels. Connie climbs up the ladder with no top in this land, so she needs rescued by Saucepan. There is also Land of Giants (Jack`s land from the Beanstalk), The Land of Know All’s and The Land of Secrets. Connie gets in trouble here too as she listens to someone else’s secret. Mrs Hidden takes away Connie`s voice until the children cleverly manage to get it back.

Faraway Tree saucepan

This book made me want to visit these faraway magical places and be friends with Saucepan man and the children, even Connie towards the end.

The book was a place where dreams come true. They were happy days, where magical things can happen. I didn’t want to revisit it incase it wasn’t as fantastic as I remember. But going back there did put me in a lovely nostaglic place. I’m glad I went back.

If you want to share your childhood bookish memories, I would love to hear them. Even more so if you shared my bookish childhood memories.

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