Book Review: The Double Life of Anna Day, by Louise Candlish.

04 Oct


This is the first of Louise Candlish’s books that I have read. It looked like a good, funny light hearted read, and it was exactly that.

This is the story of Anna who has been seeing her boyfriend Charlie for a year. She thinks the relationship is going great, except for the one great big problem that he won’t introduce Anna to his mother. Anna feels like this really undermines their relationship and that Charlie puts his mother first! Therefore she devises a big plan to get to know Meredith (Charlie’s Mother) on her own terms. Her thoughts, if Meredith likes her, then fantastic – her and Charlie are perfect!

The only problem is Anna has to be likeable to Meredith, therefore she has to change a bit…..

Meredith is well cultured, likes garden parties, tennis clubs and art! Anna has to become refined, and emerge into Dulwich life!

I found this book a bit silly, Anna goes to so much trouble to get this woman to like her, but not even the real her. She goes on a trip to Spain and loves the art so that Meredith will like her. I found it a very light read and was keen to get the book finished.

One nice compliment to the story is that I did not find it predictable, which I thought I would. Throughout the book, I was thinking, “Oh dear, what will Charlie say when he finds out!?”. You will have to read the book to find out.   😉

Anna’s character comes across as likeable,  a bit ditzy but entertaining. I felt like I wanted to be her friend so that I could shake her and say: “ANNA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING????”

The other characters in the book were interesting too, surprisingly not so much Charlie, but Anna’s friend Caro who goes with her to Spain is down to earth and funny. I can imagine going on a great night out with these two girls. This is the fab kind of characters that I enjoy reading in a book and Candlish did a great job with these two. 

Overall the storyline was a bit silly, but I liked the characters. If you want a very light read, then this is a book for you.

Thank you for reading my review, if you have read this book or any other by the same author, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Til next time, good bye book lovers.

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