Book signing of ‘The First Man’ by Tobias Wade.

05 Jan
Book signing of ‘The First Man’ by Tobias Wade.
Thank you to author Tobias Wade for sending me a copy of this book.
Book: The First Man
Author: Tobias Wade
ISBN: ISBN No: 9780662326237 
tobias wade
The Description:

Farris Mathalion did not believe in the old stories, not until her own brother was kidnapped by monsters to send her on a fantastical journey. She travels both within the mind and without, taking a path of harrowing adventure and personal enlightenment as she strives to rescue him. 

THE FIRST MAN is the first volume in a two-part young adult/fantasy series that can be read on many different levels; whether the reader appreciates the excitement of the many fast-paced action scenes, the surreal beauty and mystery of new worlds, the philosophical musings of the guides along the way, or the spiritual path of overcoming reality that Farris finds before her. She will travel through the seven kingdoms of the earth, each woven into the deep mythology of the land she passes, and each representative of one aspect of spiritual enlightenment. 

In the first volume she passes through the surface world as well as the lands of fear, pleasure and illusion below the earth. She is accompanied in her journeys by a variety of strange creatures, including her faithful pet goat Bumble, Gloria the magical fish, and a romantic interest that makes uncertain love and looming betrayal pervasive themes throughout. 

About Author:  This is what Tobias told me.
As a child I constructed a spaceship capable of superluminal speeds powered by a fusion core reactor. The submission was denied by NASA on the grounds that it was made entirely of legos. In high school I was told that I could do anything I wanted in life, while only being taught everything that I didn’t want to be. I probably deserved the detentions I received. In college I completed two bachelors of science in psychology and physiology, working as a neuroscientist with plans towards medical school. At last I had life figured out! Then a horrible thing happened. I actually achieved my dream. The infinite potential of my future lay down into ordered lines, and I knew that the only logical choice was to give it all up and become a writer. 
How to get a copy of The First Man.

Publisher: A-Argus Better Book Publishers, Inc.
Tobias Wade is having a book signing and a television interview. If you would like to go along, then Mr. Wade tells me he would love to meet his readers.
I am about to start reading this book, but wanted to post this synopsis of the book up before the signing just incase any readers are free to go along to the signing and would like to watch the author on the television. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to as I’m based in Scotland, but would love to hear feedback from those of you that are able to attend.
Author Fair/Signing
Jan 10th 1-3pm
Tucson, AZ, Bookmans, 6230 E. Speedway 520-748-9555.
TV interview
January 14th
Tucson Morning Blend
11-12 AM Pacific, 
Channel KGUN9
Author Fair/Signing
Jan 24rd, 12-3pm
Tucson, AZ, Bookmans, 3733 w in a road
Thank you to Tobias for sending me a copy of your book and I wish you many successes with it.
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