Book Review: Seven Exes are Eight too Many, by Heather Wardell.

08 Feb
Book Review: Seven Exes are Eight too Many, by Heather Wardell.

Thank you very much to Ms Heather Wardell for my copy of this book.

Publication Date: November 2013

Available on Amazon.

seven exes


The fiercely private Madeleine-Cora Spencer is the last person who should be on a reality TV show, but when she’s shunned by a friend’s new wife because “you can’t trust desperate single women” her pain and humiliation drive her straight to the “Find Your Prince” dating show’s web site.

Armed with date-appropriate clothes and a detailed game plan she arrives to meet her potential loves, only to be dumped… on a remote island with seven ex-boyfriends.

Seven exes! Could this be any worse?

My Thoughts:

This synopsis caught my attention straight away, it sounds just like a reality tv show that I would love to watch, but even better because its a book. So, I can read the authors imagination and use my own imagination too!

Imagine being sent to an island with all your ex partners! It would be embarrassing enough to meet them altogether in any social situation, but to have to live with them, on an island, with no proper washing facilities…… and being on camera 24 hours a day!!! I felt so sorry for MC.

The story follows the escapades of the main character MC, as she arrives on this island only to find that she has been put there with all of her exes. The show is a reality tv show whereby the prize is one million dollars. There is a huge expensive release clause, so MC just has to stick it out and do her best not to go crazy. Kind of hard when she has brought all he wrong clothes and she is a private person!

This book is funny, imaginative and crazy all in one fantastic read. We learn a bit about all of her exes, and the beginning of the book lets the reader think: ‘ Is MC going to find out that one of her exes is actually her prince? ‘

There are a few exes that sound very lovely. Sam is super lovely and caring to MC, and Aaron looks after MC when she is feeling rough and is very protective and manly with her. They both sound rather swoon worthy! Then there is Kent, he is like the mystery ex. At the beginning of the story there is an air of mystery about him, but I actually after thinking about the character later, he is just a private person like MC. I wonder if you read this book, which ex you will like best???

We see all of the characters grow throughout the book. I think living on an island with your exes, you would either get stronger or just fall apart! MC does a bit of both! But she has some lovely men to look after her. You can see the character of MC develop throughout the book and I felt proud of her at the end!

I loved the imagination of the author as she wrote about the challenges and competitions that the islanders had to do, so as to decide who would win the money. I wanted to read the chapters to see what the next competition would be.

A nice touch to the characters in the book was that MC had remembered a few ‘codes’ between some of her exes. So, even though the cameras were constantly watching, they were able to communicate slightly in a private way whereby the reality tv viewing public couldn’t tell. It was very cleverly written.

I would definitely recommend this book, and I look forward to reading the sequel to this book: ‘Bad Will Hunting’, which was just published in November 2014.

If you have read this book or are going to read this book, I would love to hear from you. Which ex did you root for? How would you cope on an island? with your exes?

Thanks for reading, and please check out Heather Wardell on Twitter, Amazon or Goodreads. A fantastic author and a lovely lady!



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2 responses to “Book Review: Seven Exes are Eight too Many, by Heather Wardell.

  1. ajbookreviewclub

    February 8, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    Sound good lovely review iove reading your fab blog aj

    • chocolatepages

      February 8, 2015 at 4:46 pm

      Thank you, I appreciate your support.


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