Book Review: The Bronte Book Club for Hopeless Romantics, by Laura Briggs.

18 Jun
Book Review: The Bronte Book Club for Hopeless Romantics, by Laura Briggs.

You may remember that I took part in a book spotlight for this book on its publication day.  You can see the post HERE!

I did promise my review was on its way, so today I bring you my thoughts on the newest book by the lovely Laura Briggs“The Bronte Book Club for Hopeless Romantics”.    It is based in a library, so what better gif to use than Belle’s wonderful library!

belles library


Quaint Lewis Cove is home to the charming three-story Victorian manor known as the Alice Wilshire Lending Library and its plucky librarian Peg Turner: the current hostess of the weekly Bronte Book Club, better known as the ‘Hopeless Romantics’ of all ages. Nurse Annette has been too busy working for love; mechanic Tim has missed the boat somewhere in his past; art student Sophie comes off as too unique, while tech geek C.J. has fallen—hopelessly—for the too-cool-to-care Llourdes. With her vacation plans indefinitely on hold for the summer, Peg has decided to transform the ‘Hopeless Romantics’ into hopeful ones. But while she’s trying to help her fellow readers find romance, she’s avoiding her matchmaker friend Caroline’s latest blind date—only to see her best friend Cam, the ruggedly-cute-but-sometimes-curmudgeonly coffee shop owner fixed up instead. And that’s something Peg isn’t sure she likes. Questions about love and last chances on her mind, and way too many books piled on her desk, will Peg succeed in finding romantic hope for anyone, including herself?

Bronte Book Club Cover Image (1)


My Thoughts:

This short novella book is a little happy bookish read that made me smile on a rainy afternoon in Scotland. 

Firstly, the cover and title is sweet and totally made for book lovers. You just know from the picture that this will be a book that talks about books within the story, and it does. Peg ( Paige) works in a library and also runs a book club. The members of the book club have not had a lot of luck romantically but is this about to change? And what about Peg’s love life? 

You can get an idea of Paige when she gives advice to one of the ‘ hopeless romantics’ 

“Modern- day princesses fight their own dragons…but they appreciate being recognised as a princess, even if they don’t wear a crown”    – if that isn’t a bookish romantic, I don’t know what is?! 

My favourite character in this book is Cam , Peg’s friend who brings her coffee and treats from his cafe. Like I said this book has all the best ingredients for an easy happy read, and this includes the foodie parts: 

“Strawberry tarts, mango coconut lime bars, and lemon custard drops”

I loved the book club chat and I could imagine myself there with them talking about books and characters.  

The ending of this novella didn’t end as I was expecting, but I have seen that book 2 is due out in September. So I am now intrigued and looking forward to seeing more of Paige and her library pretty soon. 

This is a lovely read, which made me remember the authors style of writing from a previous book ‘Boyfriend By The Book’ which I reviewed HERE! . I like how the author brings in classic books into her stories. I am sure that Laura Briggs, myself and a few other bookbloggers could make a lovely book club

I did enjoy this book. Laura Briggs has a talent for making simple plotlines brilliant with her mixture of characters and enthusiasm for classic books. For me reading  ‘The Bronte Book Club for Hopeless Romantics” was an afternoon well spent. I look forward to ‘The Miss Marple Reading Circle for Mystery Lovers’





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4 responses to “Book Review: The Bronte Book Club for Hopeless Romantics, by Laura Briggs.

  1. alicerwb

    July 2, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    This book sounds lovely! 💖

  2. noveldeelights

    July 2, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Aw, this sounds really cute. Glad it was able to brighten a dreary day!

    • chocolatepages

      July 2, 2017 at 1:25 pm

      Thank you. It’s a very cute and easy to read little story. 😊


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