Book Review: Tell Me A Secret, by Jane Fallon.

04 May

Tell Me A Secret is the second book I have read by Jane Fallon. I read Sweet Revenge last year and loved it. I think that the covers alone make Fallon’s books look delightfully readable, Tell Me A Secret was no different. So before I even knew the storyline, I wanted to read it. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book in a giveaway.


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Holly and Roz spend most of their days together. They like the same jokes, loathe the same people and tell each other everything.

So when single mum Holly gets a shot at her dream job after putting everything on hold to raise her daughter, she assumes her friend will be dying to pop the champagne with her.

But is she just imagining things, or is Roz not quite as happy for her as she should be?

As Holly starts to take a closer look at Roz’s life outside their friendship, she begins to discover a few things that don’t add up. Who is the woman who claims to be her ally?

Perhaps it was a mistake to tell Roz all her secrets.

Because it takes two to forge a friendship.

But it only takes one to wage a war . . .

My Thoughts:

Firstly, just look at that cover!! Jane Fallon’ s books could win awards based only on her covers. They are all food or drink based and all make the reader want to dive right in. Tell Me A Secret was no different. After reading and loving Sweet Revenge, I was hoping for the same addictive writing style, great characters and a hint ( or pile) of deceit. I wasn’t disappointed.

Holly and Roz work together and are best work friends. They tell each other everything, moan together, bitch together and generally make each other’s work day a bit better. That is until Holly gets a promotion. A promotion with a trial period that she must pass. Suddenly things start to go very wrong for Holly. Someone is sabotaging her. Naturally she would turn to Roz, but is that wise!???

The characters in this book were great. We are treated to funny best ( outside of work) friend Dee. Slightly strange other work colleagues and of course main characters Holly and Roz.

Tell Me A Secret is a fun read. We have Holly to root for all the way through, and despite her many cringe worthy experiences, she doesn’t just lie down and take them. This would be a great book to buddy read with someone. It is about friendship – real and not so real. It made me think about relationships and how people could have different personas depending on who they are with, work place friendships may be different from out of work friendships. It made me think that the people we work with may not be all they seem to be. Holly certainly learned this lesson.

I loved this book as much as I loved Sweet Revenge. I am happy that I still have a few books by Jane Fallon left to read. Based on these 2, I won’t need to read the blurb of the others, I have a feeling I will love them anyway.

Highly recommended to readers who like contemporary books about friendship, lies and deceit and strong characters. Jane Fallon is quickly becoming my go-to Author when I need a break from my crime fiction. Brilliant.





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8 responses to “Book Review: Tell Me A Secret, by Jane Fallon.

  1. Meggy | Chocolate'n'Waffles

    May 5, 2019 at 9:38 am

    I’m really happy you enjoyed Tell Me A Secret! It was my first Fallon book and I just adored it. I have Sweet Revenge in my TBR, I’m keeping it for a time I feel a slump coming because I’m sure I’ll love it!
    Cover love, for sure. There’s something candy-like with Jane’s books. It’s sweet… bittersweet, awfully good! The friendships in this novel made me think twice about how people react, both in front of you and behind your back. There are often (way too often) two sides to people and I don’t like this. This is why I choose my friends carefully, and hope for the best!
    Wonderful review xxx

    • chocolatepages

      May 5, 2019 at 3:17 pm

      Yes, like you i choose carefully too. 😉
      Sweet Revenge will be a perfect read if you feel a slump coming. I would like you to read it but not have a slump. 😁

  2. irena_bookdustmagic

    May 5, 2019 at 10:09 am

    I am so happy you liked this one! I liked it more then My Sweet Revenge, even though I think the first one has more things to discuss.
    You’re so right, this one is great pick for buddy reads (or book clubs). I feel like all Jane Fallon’s books are…

    • chocolatepages

      May 5, 2019 at 3:13 pm

      You’re right, all Fallon’s books probably would be great to discuss. These are the kind of books I love to review.

  3. Inge | The Belgian Reviewer

    May 5, 2019 at 10:47 am

    I still have to read my first Jane Fallon novel but I have one that I picked up from my last holiday from the hotel’s bookshelf 🙂 so yay, I hope I’ll love it as much as you do!

    • chocolatepages

      May 5, 2019 at 3:11 pm

      I hope you will love it too. I haven’t heard any negative reviews of her books, so I think you will enjoy it.

  4. samanthiablogs

    May 5, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    Jane Fallon is my favourite writer of them all! I’ve read most of her books now apart from the one you’ve reviewed so I’m going to have to pick this one up for sure! Love how well written your post is and I’m glad I’ve found someone who loves this author as much as I do! 💕

    • chocolatepages

      May 5, 2019 at 3:08 pm

      Thank you. Which of her books is your favourite so far? I am happy I have a few more of her books to enjoy.


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