Book Review: Fairground Attraction by Sharon Atkinson.

25 May
Book Review: Fairground Attraction by Sharon Atkinson.

I had the pleasure of reading a book which was self published by a friend of mine. When Sharon told me she was writing a book, I was so pleased for her. Then in February this year her book Fairground Attraction was published.

It can be difficult to review a book by a friend, you want to be honest but you also want to be supportive and positive. Luckily for me, Fairground Attraction was easy for me to review as it is brilliantly written and has a fun plot with a great main character.

I love my personalised copy from Author Sharon. 😁


Do dreams come true if you believe in them hard enough, or are they just floating images we see when we close our eyes to sleep? Skye, has a vivid recurring dream, brought on by the thunderous rain filled sky. It always appears the same. A haunting, but beautiful image of a young man, working the Waltzer ride at the local fairground. She awakens each time, with the same image haunting her, not only at night but through her days too. Walking home late one night, Skye hears a voice call out her name. No one is there. Whose voice is it and how does it know her name? Is Skye overtired and letting her imagination run wild with her, or is fate waiting to work its magic?

Publication date: 19th February 2019.


My Thoughts:

Fairground Attraction is the first fiction book I have read by Sharon Atkinson. I know she also has written and published poetry books. After reading the flowing and beautifully descriptive writing of Fairground Attraction, I am sure that the Author’s poetry will be beautifully written.  

Fairground Attraction features main character Skye, who has a recurring vivid dream. I’m sure many of us dream about their ‘One’, but for Skye, this is different. She has never met this man she is dreaming of. Maybe she is just imagining things in her dreams? But then she hears whispers in the wind while she walks home! Is fate pushing her towards something or someone? Or is Skye just imagining what she wants…… 

Ms Atkinson writes beautifully descriptive words that flow across her pages. She writes so that we can smell the candy floss from the fair and feel the whispers of the wind in our hair. This novella shows talent from an Author who I hope will be publishing more books in her time. I most definitely will be buying her next book. 

Highly recommended if you like novellas, fiction and a hint of magical romance. 









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5 responses to “Book Review: Fairground Attraction by Sharon Atkinson.

  1. Meggy | Chocolate'n'Waffles

    May 26, 2019 at 9:47 am

    Fairground Attraction sounds like a lovely poetic novella! I agree that it is difficult to review a book written by a friend. I always hesitate a little before agreeing because I really want to support the person I like but I can’t review without being honest. Fortunately, so far I’ve never been disappointed 🙂 xx

    • chocolatepages

      May 26, 2019 at 12:48 pm

      Thanks Meggy. It was a nice short escapism read. I am very happy to be able to give Fairground Attraction a great review.

  2. irena_bookdustmagic

    June 1, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    I am so glad to hear your friend published a book. I can only imagine how exciting that would be!
    And I am even more happy that you liked the book, because it would be weird otherwise.
    I will definitely check out Fairground Attraction, to support your friend!😉

    • chocolatepages

      June 1, 2019 at 7:15 pm

      Thank you Irena. I am very proud of Sharon and yes lucky that I enjoyed her work. 😊


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