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Fun, magic and music. Film Review: Mary Poppins Returns.

Fun, magic and music. Film Review: Mary Poppins Returns.

If you are reading this post, then chances are that you love The original Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews. The Return of Mary Poppins was released in the cinema last year. But I am just getting round to watching it.

I haven’t done any film reviews on ChocolatePages before but for this film I am making an exception.


Now an adult with three children, bank teller Michael Banks learns that his house will be repossessed in five days unless he can pay back a loan. His only hope is to find a missing certificate that shows proof of valuable shares that his father left him years earlier. Just as all seems lost, Michael and his sister receive the surprise of a lifetime when Mary Poppins — the beloved nanny from their childhood — arrives to save the day and take the Banks family on a magical, fun-filled adventure.

Release date: 21 December 2018

Well to get straight to the point, this film was awesome. I loved everything about it. This is high praise for remake of such a fantastic and well known film. Mary Poppins and the gang were modernised for present films, however all aspects of Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree Lane, Jane and Michael and even Michael’s children were so similar to the original. Little Georgie Banks had all the same characteristics as Michael Banks in the original, his cheekiness and inquisitive nature.

All the songs and music came from the same vein as the original, although there were no copies, which made it its own film but such a great sequel. There is a song that can be compared to the chimney sweep song with Dick Van Dyke and his pals. This one is sung by the new London Laddie of the street and his gang of pals.

Jane and Michael are the adults in the film and I saw many similarities to Michael as an adult to Mr Banks adult (Michael’s father). Mary Poppins being the saviour again appeared just as she was needed to remind the Banks family of what is important in life, but also to take them on a magical adventure.

Remember that magical kite from years ago???? Georgie just happens to find it.

Emily blunt does huge credit to the original Mary Poppins, by her clothing, word’s, singing and body language. It is all so very effective as a follow on film.

Mary Poppins Returns was a joy to watch and took me back to the times I watched the original Mary Poppins so many times when I was younger.

I highly recommend watching this film if you enjoyed the original. And if you have never seen the original????? shame on you, get watching the two of them!

Have you seen either or both films? What did you think?


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Dawn of The Planet of The Apes. Film Review.


I went to see my very first 3D film last night, it was Dawn of the Planet of The Apes. I have to say the main reason I wanted to see the film was because it was 3D. I haven’t seen any of these films before, never watched the films the first time round all those years ago and didn’t watch any of the television series. 

The basic storyline is humans get wiped out by a virus, apes grow and genetically evolve. Humans need to save themselves, so go into ape territory, and a battle begins. 

I liked the 3D effects, it really felt like it was raining in the cinema, the apes swinging through the trees were close. However, the story was very basic and I was expecting more of a conclusive ending. It is very much left open for the next 2 or 3 films! 

A very cute part was a baby ape coming to explore the lady human, feeling her hair and looking all cute and innocent. I also loved the son of the leader ape. Caeser was chief ape, his son was learning to be strong and follow in his father`s footsteps. He had the cutest eyes where you could see sorrow, but strength developing. 

An image which stays in my mind is ape on horseback holding two guns!!!! So, a bit far fetched! 

Overall, an entertaining film, easy to watch, just be prepared for an ending which leaves you wanting to know……what happens next. 


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