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World Book Day 2015

World Book Day 2015


In celebration of WORLD BOOK DAY, I thought I would write and tell you about my love of reading, literature and how it led me to creating ‘ChocolatePages’.


This post is part of the World Book Day ( ) campaign. I have been asked by My Voucher Codes ( ) to tell my story of what literature means to me and how it inspired me to start blogging!…. And what a great subject to write about.

I have always loved reading, I remember going to the library to choose books when I was in primary school, it continued while I was in secondary school and still now I use my local library. I remember having my parents and relatives reading me bedtime stories, some were made up!! and some were from books. Both were as good as each other.

Reading for me, is like being transferred to another world. If a book is great, then your imagination will take you away into the land that the author wrote for you. There are so many amazing authors out there and a favourite Twitter quote of mine is this:

so many book

As I got older, I found that my friends weren’t as enthusiastic about reading as me. My Mum still liked to read, and we would chat for hours about the books we both read, our thoughts on the characters, what we thought of the plot, the endings, our favourite authors! Its great, we still do that now, and I love it.

I wanted to talk about books more though, and talking about books encouraged me to read more books. I decided to open a Twitter account, just to see what this ‘social media‘ craze was all about!! Never did I expect it to lead me to ChocolatePages!


As I was exploring Twitter, I stumbled upon #BookBloggers!!! As I explored more and found all these lovely people talking about books, authors, literature, I wanted to be involved. So then came about ChocolatePages.


I love blogging as much as I love reading. I love to share with this community about all the books I have read, am presently reading and are on my list of to be read. I love that via my blog, authors will chat to me. I even have a bookblogging journal now. 


 Authors are a lovely part of my blogging life, because they see my blog and ask me to read their books and review them. Now I get to a chance to write about the books I read and sometimes encourage other people to read them too. 


If anyone celebrating World Book Week, doesn’t have a blog / Amazon / Goodreads account, I would say think about starting a blog! It’s an amazing way to air your thoughts and chat with other bookish people. There are loads of us out here!!……..Come join us! 😉


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