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The Chocolate Book Tag.

The Chocolate Book Tag.


                                            THE CHOCOLATE BOOK TAG.

I saw this tag on by Rachel and just knew this was the perfect tag for me. So, thank you Rachel for introducing me to this one. I hope you all like my choices.

If anyone would like to join in, feel free and please send me your links after you have written it so that I can read your choices too.

So, lets get started.

DARK CHOCOLATE: a book with dark content or theme.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold was a great book that I really love. However, it does have a dark theme as the story revolves around Susie who is a young girl who was murdered. Susie watches from her heaven as her family attempt to deal with her death.

lovely bones

WHITE CHOCOLATE : a light hearted read.

My favourite light hearted author to read is Sophie Kinsella, for this topic, I will choose ‘Undomestic Goddess’. Samantha Sweeting makes a big mistake at work, so she leaves work, gets on the first train she sees and ends up being mistaken as an interviewee for a job as a house keeper. The story is light hearted and creamy – just like white chocolate.


MILK CHOCOLATE:  a hyped popular book that you really want to read.

Well, I am a huge Sophie Kinsella fan and she has just released a new book called ‘Shopaholic to the Stars’. Lots of people have been talking about this on Twitter and everyone seems so excited by it and those that were super lucky enough to get a pre copy to review gave it glowing reports. So, I really really want to read this soon.

shopaholic stars

CHOCOLATE WITH A CARAMEL CENTRE: a book that makes you feel goey inside.

I think for this one, I will have to go back to my childhood favourite. My favourite then was The Folk of the Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton. I also really like a new children’s book called The Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury This makes me feel all goey because I read it to the autistic children in my class at school. They all love it so much, know all the words and all the actions to it. I love that the book can give them so much pleasure.

bear hunt

A WAFER FREE KITKAT: a book that surprised you.

Well, for this one I am going to choose a book that I have written a review on. ‘The Kabul Beauty School’ by Deborah Rodriguez. This is about the author herself who goes to Afghanistan to help out, she opens up a Beauty School to help the women of the war torn country. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. I usually prefer chick lit and expected this to be quite heavy with political references. The book spoke of the problems of the country and the hard lives that the women were enduring, but the author also wrote of the strength and courage of the women. I really enjoyed it and will be reading more of Rodriguez’s books.


A SNICKERS BAR: a book you’re going nuts about.

Well, this will be an old favourite of mine called ‘The Food of Love’ by Anthony Capella. After I read this book, I bought a further FOUR copies and sent them to all my friends and family who had birthdays coming up. They all loved it too. It is about Laura who is on a trip to Rome, she is looking for sensual food and a sensual man. Laura meets Tommasso who introduces her to the amazing food of his restaurant, and behind the scenes loving Laura from afar is Bruno. Its BRILLIANT.

Mad about the boy

HOT CHOCOLATE WITH WHIPPED CREAM AND MARSHMALLOWS: a comfort read that you turn to again and again.

For this I am going to choose “Bridget Jones’s Diary” by Helen Fielding, the first one. The first one is most definitely the best. I love the way this book was written in the diary form. I can read a few extracts and then put it away again, because I know the story so well. I love Bridget.


A BOX OF CHOCOLATES: a series that has lots of things that many readers will like.

Well, I thought and thought about this one and can’t really think of a series that I have read that would have lots of things for many different readers. Maybe perhaps, Roald Dahl’s books???? He has written a lot of different stories?? I’m not really sure about that one. I would love to hear your choices though, so please carry on the Chocolate Book Tag and share your answers.

Chocolate and Books – How Perfect!!




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Book Review: Mad About The Boy.

Book Review: Mad About The Boy.

 Helen Fielding,  Mad About The Boy.


I was very excited to read this book. I loved the last two Bridget Jones and had high expectations for this one. I would give this book 3.5 out of 5.

The book starts off letting us know that Mark Darcy is dead. He died a hero, so the reader keeps the image that Mark is practically perfect. It was weird to think of Bridget as a 50 something year old widow with 2 children! I think this is where I dropped a star from my rating. I’m used to Bridget like this:


So, it took a few chapters for me to get into imagining Bridget in the way she was characterized. However, she still had her funny, relatable Bridget ways.

The story sets the scene as to where Bridget is now, a widow, in her 50`s, two children. She still has her lovely friends Tom and Jude, and Daniel Cleaver is still in the scene. In fact, he is Godfather to the children and is now just joking about Bridget`s underwear instead of trying to get them off!

The story involves Bridget finding a new toyboy, doing school runs, which include seeing the “smug married”. Also, we hear about her friends advice on the “rules of dating”. The majority of the story is revolved around Bridget and Roxter (the toyboy). Will he text , won’t he text? Does like me? Am I too old? If you read the other Bridget books, you can imagine her worries.

I found about halfway through the book, it got a bit predictable. But overall, I enjoyed it. I still rooted for Bridget, I could still relate to her and she still made me chuckle. Her kids sound adorable and I actually wanted to give Daniel Cleaver a hug and say “You’re older now, but don’t worry you’ll be fine”.

I liked how she still wrote in the diary style, she kept to typical Brigit esque way of counting things. Except a big part of this book is her Twitter followers, which I thought was really cool. Bridget has become a social media addict.

I am glad the author wrote another book in this series, but it wasn’t as good as the first original Bridget Jones. However, I would recommend reading it as long as your expectations are not sky high.

I would be interested to hear if you have read this book what your thoughts are.

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Thank you and until next time, goodbye book fans!   🙂

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