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Book Review: FutureSpan, by Georgia Duffy.

Book Review: FutureSpan, by Georgia Duffy.

Remember this review, as one of the first reviews you’ve read for new and upcoming Author  Georgia Duffy! She is so talented, so imaginative and is going to be a huge success in fantasy books. FutureSpan is her first published novel, and it is a special one. Georgia contacted me back last year to do a spotlight on her book, now I am very happy to say that her first book has been published. 

FutureSpan, by Georgia Duffy. Published by Britain’s Next BestSeller. 6th May 2016.



Meet Amelia: desperate, she shoots her father as he sleeps. There is blood everywhere, and his eyes are shut forever, but she is distraught it hasn’t worked. Distraught that it means she is still stuck in this desolate place known as Futurespan. Meanwhile on another level Jetson goes through the mysterious doors to relive the worst day of his life, and see two versions of his future: one where all of his nightmares are real. Futurespan is a world quite apart from our own: it is a timeless, unsettling place. Join Tabitha, Rin and Diggory as they journey together through the strangeness to discover what kind of place it really is, why they are here and most importantly if they can get out.

Publisher: Britain’s Next Bestseller; First edition (6 May 2016)



My Thoughts:

This is a story where the characters are trapped in FutureSpan, we don’t know what FutureSpan is and neither do the characters Rin, Diggory and Tabitha who find themselves there. As we read, we learn how the characters find out about themselves, where they are and ultimately whether they can get themselves out again…. or are they trapped in this strange place forever??!!

Georgia Duffy has some imagination, and with this novel she brings us entertainment, interesting characters, morals, things to consider and a page turning book that gets us wondering what will happen to the characters. I don’t read many fantasy books, but this one I’m glad that I did.

The Author has really thought the story out well, everything I had wondered about was tied up nicely in the end, leaving us with a feeling of satisfaction, contentment and optimism. I think it would be wrong to say exactly what I thought the morals were as I think it would be considered a spoiler. However, I would love to hear from you if you have read it though.

There are a couple of nice quotes that I would like to leave you with to show the type of writer that Georgia is. She has a great imagination, as I said. But she writes in a way that makes you think about your own life. She writes in a way where you can empathise with the characters, and makes you hope that they make the right decisions.

“You can control yourself. Your mind is your own child”

Bad things do happen, he said to himself. They do. They have. They probably will again. He looked at Tabitha ……… but good things happen too

Depending on what kind of reader you are, if you like to read fantasy and get pure escapism to just enjoy the tales, this is a good book. If you are a reader that likes to look deeper into the story, and think about morals, decisions, and get a sense of empathy from characters which make you think of your own life and decisions, this is a brilliant book. 

I haven’t read any other reviews on this book, as it has just been released. But I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on it, especially as I haven’t read many fantasy books at all. So, if you read it please come back to ChocolatePages and let me know your thoughts.

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Help An Author: Hanging Tough by L M Bush.

Help An Author: Hanging Tough by L M Bush.

I mentioned in a previous post about a great website I have recently stumbled upon called BritainsNextBestSeller.

This website helps us readers chose and help Authors get published. If the Author gets 250 pre orders, then they get their book published. Well today, I want to give the biggest shoutout to new upcoming Author Lisa Bush. Her new book ‘Hanging Tough‘ is amazing. Watch this clip of her book trailer, and you will be asking me ‘Where do I pre order???’



From a tender young age, Tony had to learn to fend for himself. Growing up on a rough East London estate shaped an innocent child into the fearless and dangerous man he was to become.

Follow the ups and downs that Tony has to endure to survive as he grows up in a world that threatens everything he believes in. A roller coaster of events unfold in this gripping drama. From a childhood tainted with sadness, to underworld violence and crime, interlaced with heart breaking true love.

With so many dangerous individuals around you, would you stay safe indoors and hide? Or would you fight your corner and never give up?

hanging tough

Lisa tells us what inspired her to write this book?

Growing up in London, crime fiction has always captured my heart and my imagination. I have always read these books as well as being influenced by family and close friends. My stories are all fiction but based on true life events. And what amazing lives some people have. Having reached an age that I considered to be ‘now officially grown up’, I decided to dip my toe in the world of crime writing and my let my imagination run wild.

lm bush

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? If you want to pre order the book, you can get it HERE!

Help make an Authors dream come true, and get yourself this fantastic new read.

Hanging Tough has been reviewed by The Crime Book Club, which you can see HERE

To find out more about this talented Author, here are her links:




Thanks for reading, let me know if you pre order this book and what you think of it! 

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