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Book Review: Sand in My Pants, by Sue Webb.

Book Review: Sand in My Pants, by Sue Webb.

Thank you to Ravenswood Book Tour hosts and Author Sue Webb for my copy of this book. As always, I will give my full and honest review of this book.

sand in my pants


Looking for a fun frolic? Whether boarding a plane on vacation, or enjoying a comfy chair at home- you’re invited to join me on a thrilling, twenty-year, fun-packed odyssey. We’ll share experiences around the globe. I’ll throw in a bit of anthropology, culture, geography, history, and marine biology. I’ll steep it in wit and serve it up with a generous dollop of humor.

We’ll begin our journey by becoming certified scuba divers. In the following years, we will traipse around the planet seeking out new cerulean exotic locales including: the Caribbean, Micronesia, and the South Pacific- just to name a few. Our adventures, however, will not be without a few misadventures. Most usually- the kind you laugh about…later. So, flip this book over, open the front cover-or scroll down; I invite you to dive in.


My Thoughts:

This book is about the Author’s travels, adventures, diving experiences and all the amazing things that she has seen along the way. She tells us of all the amazing places, fantastic sights, wonderful interesting people, strange and delicious foods and she brings it to her readers with a pinch of humour.

After reading this book, I could tell that Sue had the travel bug, she had the adventures of a lifetime and quite rightly she wanted to share her adventures in the form of a book, I guess for herself and for us to share in. Not many people get to experience life in the way that Sue has, and to read about it was to travel in my mind’s eye with her. If you too would like to experience an amazing journey where you can see 8 feet sharks, flying fish, tuna as big as a boat and hand feed sting rays, then hop along, Sue would love to have you!

The journey begins in Cozumel, this was a great start for me, as this is one of my favourite places in the world. I would have preferred this chapter to last longer as it is such a beautiful wonderful place.

Along with Sue’s travels, she tells us interesting facts that she learns. For example, did you know that Sea Lions can belch and fart just like us!? As I mentioned earlier, Sue adds humour to her book. She tells us of the people that she met along the way, and I quote where she says: 

“Humor is universal”.

She isn’t always able to understand and make herself understood in the foreign countries, but she gets by and with some laughs along with it.

Sue mentions ‘Carpe Diem‘ when she speaks about the experiences she has, and she tells us her interpretation of this Latin phrase:

“Enjoy pleasures as they come along, without dwelling on potential consequences”.

We can see how Sue lives this way during her travels, and she certainly benefits from taking a few risks along the way. 

Sue travels to Fiji. To me, this sounds like one of the most beautiful places in the world the way she describes it, somewhere I would love to go. Sue says (at the time), there is no crime and the people are super friendly. Although, she did visit a place called ‘Cannibal Cafe’!!! The tagline for Fiji is:

“The Place where a New Day begins”.

I have to add this last bit in, as Sue tells us of a visit to Grenada Chocolate Company!!! How amazing, she learnt and tasted chocolate production!!

To finish my review of this book off, I will use a quote of Sue’s

“Life is like a banquet, our adventures are like desert”

I enjoyed this book, it made me want to travel. Perhaps a good holiday book, or a book to read if you can travel in your minds eye.

If you want to hear from Sue Webb herself, my previous post is from Sue, how she was inspired to write and why Scuba! 



  • Title: Sand In My Pants

  • Author: Sue Webb

  • Genre: Travel Biography/Memoir

  • Length: 298 pages

  • Release Date: April 10, 2015

  • ISBN-13: 978-1508549901

 Would you like to read this book? Have you read it?

Have you been scuba diving? Have you been to any of the places mentioned here? Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Reading from Amanda of Chocolate Pages.  ♥



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