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Book Review: The Mysterious Writing Group by Susan Willis

The lovely Author Susan Willis has released another fabulous short story. I have to admit after reading many of her short stories ( All of which you can find reviewed on my blog), The Mysterious Writing Group is my favourite so far.

I downloaded when it was available to download for free. So thank you Susan for this freebie little coffee break read.


Christine has joined her four friends from a writing group at a murder-mystery weekend in a manor house. Although they enjoy each other’s company in their writing sessions, Christine wonders how the dynamics of the group will work over three days? They have been studying the golden age detectives and she is huge fan of Sherlock Holmes.
To even out numbers Christine pairs up with a newcomer, a Welshman, called Owen who she immediately likes when he offers to be her sidekick, Doctor Watson. While using their powers of deduction they discover some mysterious happenings, which makes Christine wonder if everyone is who they say they are?

My Thoughts:

The Mysterious Writing Group is a perfect coffee break read. Like I have said with all of my reviews for Susan Willis’ short stories, they are a great little escapism read when you have a little time to yourself.

I liked this story because it’s all things bookish. The characters are from a writing group where they meet to discuss their work. The main character Christine begins within the first few pages talking about well known authors who write crime books. And to top it all off they go to a murder mystery weekend. It is a booklovers perfect set up.

The writing flows, the characters are relatable, and the story has a full rounded plot within its shorter styled book.

I have to say as well, I was not expecting it to end as it did……..

A cracker of a read and my favourite short story by Susan Willis so far. I’m readily waiting for the next one. 😊


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Social media’s positives and negatives! Book Review: Megan’s Mistake by Susan Willis. #ShortStory

Social media’s positives and negatives! Book Review: Megan’s Mistake by Susan Willis. #ShortStory

I have read a good few short stories by Author Susan Willis. So when a new one came out, I was quick to download it.

Short stories make good coffee break reads and I like to have a few on my kindle for when I want a quick but full story.


With a group of friends Megan is heading off to Glastonbury. She has a ticket to see Kylie and is beside herself with excitement. Her friends are all commenting online, and she posts a photograph of her ticket. To her cost, Megan faces the perils of social media and realises the big mistake she’s made.
Can her friends rally around to help?

My Thoughts:

This was a nice quick read that I enjoyed while waiting for my dinner to cook.

Although described as a cosy crime read, it also had a very modern fiction feel. The dangers of social media were very obvious much to Megan’s dismay.

I liked the completely modern and relatable feel to this short story. Despite it being short, I got a good feel for Megan’s character and her relationship with her sister.

The crime part of the plot was good as we heard from the criminals point of view too.

I really enjoyed this short read as I have with all the other short stories I have read Susan Willis. So much so, I have just downloaded another of her books.

This short story and 10 Short Reads is available to download from Amazon HERE!





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