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When The Night Is Dark by Cameron Bell.

When The Night Is Dark  by Cameron Bell.

Thank you very much to Author Cameron Bell for my copy of When The Night Is Dark. I was intrigued at first by his book as it started off in a town very close to where I was brought up. ( Port Talbot in Wales).Then the blurb continues with a great sounding plot based in Ibiza.


Ibiza – The White Isle, a party capital of the world. On a big night out beautiful 19-year-old Hannah Morgan vanishes. It is unexpected, out of character and no one seems to know anything.

Her father, a former British Paratrooper Jason Morgan is flying over to find her, and seeks the help of his estranged friend Will Cutter.

After 25 years on the Force the tenacious, no-nonsense Sergeant has left, and is working for himself as a Private Investigator.
Cutter agrees to ride shotgun and watch out for his old friend, and anyone stupid enough to stand in his way.
Together they uncover the dark side of the party where someone’s pleasure is another’s pain. The clock is ticking. The longer Hannah is missing, the sooner she is dead, or gone.

The two race to an uncertain finishing line battling deceit, perversion and violence.
Are they too late?
Are they in over their heads?
Will Ibiza get over the bloodshed?When The Night Is Dark is a gritty, hard-boiled crime mystery which readers of Dennis Lehane, Walter Mosley and Robert B. Parker should enjoy.

My Thoughts:

When The Night Is Dark is a dark, gritty crime thriller. I was intrigued to read this as it began in Port Talbot which is an area I know and continues in Ibiza. When Hannah goes missing, her Dad and his friend go out to look for her in Ibiza. You know when you get a former cop and a former military guy together on the hunt for bad guys you will get some grit and blood in a plot.  When the Night is Dark certainly delivered on that point. We meet lots of bad guys as the plot to find Hannah plays out. Jason ( Hannah’s father) and his friend Will take us along with them to The Highlander, the Scottish bar in Ibiza and various other places which if you have been to Ibiza you may well know. I liked that the places were real and you could picture where you were throughout the book.

There are some quite violent parts in the book, but I was expecting this when I read the blurb. Perhaps not a book for the faint hearted but I like a good crime thriller with a bit of violence! It is not all violence, the relationship between Jason and Will is a part of the book that enjoyed. Will is willing to give everything he has to find and protect his friends daughter. They have that manly man’s friendship and this was fun to read. I didn’t guess what had happened to Hannah until they found out, and when they did find out the plot picks up speed and the race is on. This is a fast paced, gritty thriller which I recommend to those who like a dark plot with great characters.



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Book Review: A Time for Penance, by Robin Storey.

Book Review: A Time for Penance, by Robin Storey.

Thank you to Author Robin Storey for offering me the chance to read and review ‘A Time for Penance’. The blurb of this book appealed to me as it got me thinking, what would you do differently if you could go back in time? And would fate intervene and leave you in the same place as you were? Or are we masters of our own destiny? Plus there is the gritty crime part, I’m always a sucker for that! 



She murdered her husband. Now she has a chance to undo her crime.

For 20 years, wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy has borne the guilt of murdering her first husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress.

When Eva is offered the opportunity to travel back in time, and undo her crime as penance, she accepts – what does she have to lose? Back in her old life with Charlie, her passion for him surpassed only by her torment at his infidelity, she is more determined than ever to prevent him from leaving her.

But her plan plunges her into a world of crime and depravity, and she soon discovers she has even more to lose this time around.

This taut, gritty novel about jealousy, betrayal and the dark side of love will appeal to fans of suspense, crime and modern noir.


Published May 7th 2017 by Robin Storey


My Thoughts:

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went into this book. Yes, I love gritty crime stories, and time travel ones are ok. But putting the two together was something I hadn’t read anything of before. If the book had been filled with too much unbelievable talk of the time travel, then I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. But the time travel parts were mainly at the beginning and the end, with a few parts interspersed throughout, as Eva notices the differences in technology (no mobile phones!), and has to hide facts about people and things that had happened that she shouldn’t know. 

I was intrigued as to whether Eva would end up in the same place as the beginning of the book, i.e with a dead Husband! or if the book was going to go down the route of master of your own destiny, and fix your mistakes. Well, obviously I won’t say how it ends, but I will tell you it was good, very good. 

As I started reading this, I became more and more hooked throughout. I liked it a lot better than I was expecting actually. Perhaps this has a little to do with the cover. I don’t think the cover does the book as much justice as it deserves. That’s just my opinion though.

The plot had a good flow that kept me gripped until the end. It also got me thinking about the prospect of being able to go back in time. What would you do differently and how would this change the outcomes? 

A really good book, and taught me…….don’t judge a book by its cover! This was a brilliant read.





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