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My Top Books of 2016.

My Top Books of 2016.


This is a post I have been thinking about for a few weeks. I have read a lot of good books over the past year, and to list my top ten is a good reminder to me how much I enjoyed them. It is also a nice way to thank the Authors for their talent. 

I met my Goodreads challenge of reading 40 books this year. I know this is not a huge amount compared to other bookbloggers, but its good for me. I prefer to read my books slower and more thoroughly so I really enjoy them and soak up the story that it is telling me. 

These books are in no particular order, but all are 5 stars worth brilliant. I have linked my review to each one, incase you want to read my thoughts on them. The links for each book will be in the review post.

five pink stars



Cut Throat Defence by Olly Jarvis. A brilliant gripping crime thriller based in the UK. Olly Jarvis is my favourite legal thriller Author as his knowledge flows brilliantly into his fictional characters drawing me right into the gritty underground and clever legal cases. You can read my review and more about it HERE!

five pink stars

out of darkness

Out of the Darkness by Katy Hogan, was a wonderful uplifting spiritual story. This book has stayed with me and brings hope and appreciation to its readers.  I always think of this book as I go on my walks and pass the boats. You can read more about my thoughts HERE!

five pink stars

sw19 club

The SW19 Club by Nicola May. I only discovered this Author this year and have been missing out. I have read 3 of her books, but The SW19 Club was my favourite as it was therapeutic, brilliant and made me laugh and cry. You can read more about it HERE!

five pink stars

strangers house

A Stranger’s House by Clare Chase. This was a twisty turny suspence which is just the kind of book I love. Clare Chase is a wonder at writing these kinds of novels. I have her next one on my kindle ready to go. You can read more about A Stranger’s House and my thoughts HERE!

five pink stars

coffe tea carib

Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean and Me by Caroline James. I have read all of the Coffee, Tea books that Caroline has written and I just love her main characters Jo and Hattie. The tales are heartwarming while making me laugh, feel hungry for the delicious cakes they eat and go into a whole bookish world of Caroline’s imagination. You can read more about my thoughts HERE! 

five pink stars

novelista girl

Novelista Girl by Meredith Schorr. In my review of this book, I gave the Author the huge compliment of saying that I loved the main character Kim Long as much as I love Sophie Kinsella’s Becky Brandon. This book was pure chick lit at its very best. It was perfect! You can read more about my thoughts HERE!

five pink stars


Daisy In Chains by Sharon Bolton was a brilliant book with a really interesting storyline. It spoke of prison wives and fan clubs of convicted murderers. The end was so fantastic and so much of a twist, I loved it. You can read more about my thoughts HERE!

five pink stars

Boyfriend By Book Repaired Master Font II

Boyfriend by the Book by Laura Briggs. This was an indulgent chick lit easy read. It was frivolous and complete fun. Perfect for cosy days where you want to go to a bookish world of imagination. You can read more about my thoughts HERE!

five pink stars



The Death of Anyone by DJ Swykert. This was another gripping crime thriller and it had the unique points within the tale about ethics of using familial DNA as evidence. Really interesting while being a fantastic crime thriller. You can read more about my thoughts HERE! 

five pink stars



Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson. This was a wonderful surprise of a book, as I didn’t know there was an Anne Shirley book that I hadn’t read, then I got this! It is a really nice prequel where we can see how Anne got to Green Gables. Although it is by a different Author to the original Green Gables books, it was written with a real insight into the original books by LM Montgomery to celebrate 100 years of Green Gables. You can read more about my thoughts HERE!


So, there are my Top Ten Books of 2016. I hope that 2017 will be full of plenty more, I’m quite sure it will be as I already have a full ‘to be read’ pile. 

Have you read any of these? What were your best reads of the year, link your posts here and I will take a look at yours too. 

Until next time, Happy Reading! 


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Book Review: Out of the Darkness by Katy Hogan.

Book Review: Out of the Darkness by Katy Hogan.

I would like to give many thanks to Author Katy Hogan for my copy of this book. I had read a few reviews of her book before I received it and it seemed to be very popular. I was happy to read this and to see for myself what I thought. On the back of Katy’s book it says:

“A person is like a candle’, he said ‘ The wick is the body, the flame is the soul, bringing light into the world”.

Katy also sent me a candle and a beautiful postcard / bookmark with butterflies on. As I read the book, I found this items so appropriate, thoughtful and enlightening. This is a truly beautiful book, and I am so glad that Katy asked me to review it. 



Following the sudden death of her beloved mother, Jessica Gibson’s world falls apart. But after meeting a man who seems heaven-sent, she starts to feel she has something to live for again, and soon discovers that their connection holds far more significance than she could ever have imagined. And when Jessica strikes an unlikely bond with Alexandra Green, the two new friends are taken on an emotional journey into the world of the supernatural, where psychic mediums pass on messages from beyond the grave. What — or who — is causing the strange goings-on in Alex’s home? What secret is she keeping from Jessica? And who is the young woman who so badly needs their help? In a series of surprising twists and turns, the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place and a mystery is unwittingly solved — with life-changing consequences for all involved.
‘Out of the Darkness’ is an uplifting tale of friendship and redemption; of love and loss. And life…after death.

out of darkness

My Thoughts:

This is a book that will stay with me for a long time. It has feeling, emotion, love, loss and friendship of the truest kind. When I first started to read this, I was a little hesitant that it was going to be to sad, but I am so glad I read it. After the initial first chapter where Jessica is so eaten up by her grief, we see the start of the whole story coming together. We meet Alex who has her own concerns, and then we see the relationships between the characters develop. There are three main characters in this book, and in each one we can see their pain but also their incredible ability to love. 

There was one part in this book, that made me miss a breathe for a moment. It took me totally by surprise and it was a key element to the story which for me brought it all together. This was the moment in the book where I knew it was a 5 star read and I would be thinking about it long after I had finished reading. There are many aspects which got me thinking in this book, aside from the characters and the plot. For me, this made me think about fate, and a saying that I was once told by someone special:

“What’s for you, won’t go by you!”

As I read, the images on the cover of the book became more and more relevant, and although I liked the cover before I read the book, I really like it now that I have finished reading it. 

The Author is a very talented and empathetic writer, her descriptive words create such images in the readers minds that I was totally encapsulated into this story and into Jessica and Alex’s lives. Katy Hogan speaks with true spiritual wisdom, and her words will bring comfort to many who read this book. Just one example of many:

“Distance is merely physical, she reflected. If you are close in your hearts, close in a spiritual sense, then no matter how far the distance, you are still together – always”

There is so much I could say about this book, but I want to finish this review with a song that will forever make me think of this book. If you have read you will know. If you haven’t read, GO READ! 








Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
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