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Childhood Bookish Memories ( part 3).

Image  Francine Pascal`s books Sweet Valley High, were the books I read next. A slightly older me moved on from Enid Blyton to the Wakefield twins. Jessica and Elizabeth. Beautiful blonde popular girls from a Californian school. Jessica was the sexy extroverted one. She got into all the trouble and adventures. I liked her best, she was fun and ruthless. 

Elizabeth was the sensible more reserved sister. She did have her share of adventures later on in the series, but was most definitely calmer than her twin. Elizabeth had an on / off boyfriend called Todd. He was the high school literacy hunk. I heard a terrible rumour that some modern books were made where Jessica marries Todd????? ( I haven’t read these……yet). The twins were typical (from YA book terms) twins, they were identical, beautiful and knew when the other was in trouble. However, Jessica was usually the one in trouble and Elizabeth the one who helped out, even if it meant Elizabeth had to suffer the consequences. (Todd breaking up with her, getting into trouble at school or home). Elizabeth was loyal  to a fault, but Jessica knew this and often took advantage.

A quote from All Night Long, Francine Pascal.

The problem was that no matter how much Elizabeth protested, Jessica knew her sister would always end up helping her out. And she unhesitatingly took advantage of that whenever she thought she could”.

Some sister eh! But they were twins and loved each other. Elizabeth`s friend was Enid. She was similar to Elizabeth in the sensible, conservative way. Jessica`s friend Lila was extroverted, loud and rich. I didn’t like Lila much, she was bad for Jess.

sweet vh

These stories eventually got made into an American tv series. I loved these too. If you didn’t see it or did and want a trip down memory lane, have a look on YouTube. I was surprised to find full episodes there.


These books were amazing. I think this concludes my childhood bookish memories. After this I became more diverse, read a selection of genres. But my love for books continues.

Until next time, I’m off to read my book.   😉


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