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Book Review: Cover Girl by Nic Tatano

Book Review: Cover Girl by Nic Tatano

 Thank you to Harper Impulse and Netgalley for gifting me this book. I was looking forward to reading Cover Girl as it is the second book I have read by Nic Tatano. The first book ‘Twitter Girl’ was rated in my top ten reads of 2015, which you can read HERE So I had high hopes for this new book.


Powerhouse romance editor Keira Madison is known as “Cover Girl” – because she’s come up with the concepts for the covers of the best selling novels in history. But right now, she’s desperate to replace her best selling author.

Wannabe author Alex Bauer has given up hope of ever selling his military thriller, so he takes a shot at writing a romance and sends it to super agent Bella Farentino. She’s blown away by the book, but more shocked to find out the author is a man. So she decides it’s best to keep it a secret when pitching the novel – what does a man know about romance after all?

When Keira buys the book, Alex needs a cover story to hide the fact he’s the real author. So he invents a fictional cousin who’s an agoraphobe; too shy to ever leave the house. He agrees to work as “her” intermediary during the editing process while getting a friend to “play” the author on the phone.

One major problem. He falls hard for Keira, a spunky redhead who is a dead ringer for the heroine in the book. And she’s smitten with him, as he’s a clone of the novel’s romantic hero, a fictional Mister Right come to life.

You see where this is going.

As the release date for the book gets closer, their relationship grows stronger while the tale of the fictional author goes over the top. At some point Alex will have to come clean that he’s the real author of the book but worries he’ll risk losing Keira because she won’t be able to trust him.

It’s “Tootsie” meets the publishing world… without anyone getting dressed up in drag.

Published September 3rd 2015 by HarperImpulse


My Thoughts:

As I mentioned I had high hopes for this book, due to the last one. I did enjoy Cover Girl, but not quite as much as Twitter Girl. The ‘spunky redhead’ Keira is not quite as spunky as the redhead in Twitter Girl. I did like her, especially because she is written as a real woman i.e she likes her food, she isn’t ‘perfect’, and when times go bad…. she turns to chocolate!! (I can relate to that part for sure)

“Fine, I’ll have chocolate for dinner”.

The story was cute, if a little predictable. It has great characters who make up a love square! The two main characters Keira and Alex (the publisher and the Author) fall for each other, but both are seeing other people. The story revolves around what happens with them and includes a couple of outer characters, who are also really interesting too.

I liked to hear about the publishing side of things in this story, as I don’t know a lot about publishing, editing etc. So it was interesting to hear about it as part of a good read. The novel was written almost like a story within a story, it was cleverly written to give the reader a insight into a writers mind and a publishers mind. But  whilst doing so was still an easy read. Obviously the Author has experience of both. 

The characters used language that was total bookish talk too, Keira says:

“…you should consider me a sold out best seller. Currently unavailable”. 

I enjoyed this book, it is an easy reading story with cute parts, funny parts, parts where you are screaming ‘No, don’t do that’ and parts when you are saying ‘do it do it’!!  😉

I did find it a little odd that the publishers didn’t want its readers to know that the Author was a man. (because readers are less likely to read romance novels written by men). The gender of the Author makes no difference to me, I consider the cover, the description and the reviews, so it did make me wonder if this is true or if it were just added for the story effect? Would this make a difference to you? Let me know.

Have you read any books by Nic Tatano, can you recommend any others and what did you think of Cover Girl? Do you want to read it? Does it make a difference to you if the Author is male or female? 









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Book Review: Twitter Girl by Nic Tatano.

Book Review: Twitter Girl by Nic Tatano.

twitter girl

I saw this book on NetGalley, and thought it immediately looked like the kind of book that I would enjoy. I liked the cover and it was written as a story including social media (Twitter) – which I love, and a chick lit book – which is my favourite kind of read.

So, thank you to NetGalley for this book. Here is the book description and my thoughts.

twitter girl


Meet America’s Tweet-Heart.

She’s network reporter Cassidy Shea, better known as @TwitterGirl, with more than a million followers thanks to her sarcastic tweets. One hundred forty characters that can take anyone down a notch.
But while brevity may be the soul of wit, it can also get you fired.
When a controversial tweet goes viral the snarky redhead finds herself locked out of the career she loves… and watches her boyfriend take a hike.
Alas, no industry values sarcasm more than politics, and Cassidy becomes a marketable commodity for Presidential candidate Will Becker, a squeaky-clean, stone cold lock to be the next occupant of the White House. This candidate is unlike any other; he’s the country’s most eligible bachelor. He’s also looking for a running mate, and we’re not talking about a Vice President.
Twitter Girl has caught his eye.
Cassidy finds herself swept up in a whirlwind romance that turns her into the next Jackie Kennedy and becomes the favorite to be the next First Lady. The country can’t get enough of America’s First Couple… will Cassidy and Will Becker bring back Camelot?

But an anonymous tip triggers her journalistic curiosity. Is Will Becker all that he seems? The search for the answer teaches Cassidy the meaning of love.

My Thoughts:

This book took me in straight away by the cover, so I was really hoping that it didn’t disappoint………… It didn’t, I loved it.

The story focuses around Cassidy who is Twitter Girl, she gets employed to tweet sarcastic tweets to help the Senator get elected as President, she follows him on his campaign trail and also begins to date him in the process. I loved the main character TG, (Twitter Girl) straight away, the author did a great job describing her and it really put a vivid picture in my head of the type of girl that TG was, both with her looks and her personality. She doesn’t get pushed around and is witty and funny. She also has a kind, caring and generous side to her. I liked that they mentioned her appetite a lot. TG eats a lot and that kind of made her more real to me. From her image she sounds gorgeous, but she doesn’t eat like a bird! She enjoys her food.

” out on a Friday night ……eating fried cheese and nachos. ”

“Loved the chopped pecans in the pancakes”.

I liked the range of characters in this book, they weren’t all the usual tall dark handsome traditionally fantastic fictional hunks. Two of the leading men both had disabilities and were written to be complete gentlemen that you really root for throughout the book. Even TG was written as a bit different, red head, very tall, but the kind of girl that you want to be friends with. (Even if you might get a little envious!).

I found the story to be kind of like a fairy tale, but with a very modern take on it. ( TG gets a great job as a tweeter! and dates the most eligible man in the country!)

I found parts of it to be predictable and parts of it took me by surprise, this for me makes a great chick lit book. You can kind of see where the love interest stories are going, but the mystery tip offs and the things that TG finds out on her journalistic findings are unexpected. The unexpected made me want to keep reading to see where the story was going, and the predictable to see if I was right!

I loved the ending because I felt like everything was explained and you don’t get left wondering about anything. I loved the way the author wrote and I will certainly read more of her books. I have already actually looked out a few……

Have you read this book, what did you think? Are you going to read it after reading my review? I would love to hear your thoughts. Also if you can recommend any more books by this author please let me know.

Thanks for reading.



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