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Book Review: Written in the Stars, by Ali Harris.


I was given this book as a gift, when I got it I was so excited to read it. The cover looked so pretty and inviting and I had heard great things about it too. So, did it live up to what I’d heard?

The story is about Bea and two different paths she took on her Wedding day. It is a sliding doors type book, a dual narrative. Bea is due to marry Adam, as she walks down the aisle she slips. The first decision, she gets up, composes herself and goes on to marry Adam. The second decision, she gets up and runs out of the church abandoning Adam and her Wedding day. It is a story of destiny and what will happen if………???

We hear about Bea’s Dad who left when she was young, Bea’s first love Kieran who also left and Bea’s feelings of inadequacy and inability to make decisions. There is Loni and Milly, who are Bea’s stables and loved ones. Her brother Cal who is a lifesaver to Bea. The author does a great job describing these characters. In a book, I love to read of characters that I can understand and relate to. While Loni is very extroverted and out there with her bright clothes and retreats, she loves Bea, and her children  are the most important things in her life. Milly is more reserved and sensible, but also always looking out for Bea. I was able to put myself right in the moments of the books and see why the characters do and say what they do. This for me makes a brilliant book.

When the author describes Adam, I get the impression he is secure, sensible and can totally see why Bea starts off thinking she should marry him. Along the way you can see how both characters develop……..Its very good.

Each of the paths that Bea takes explore her emotions along the way. We hear about her love for Adam and also her love for Kieran. The author also speaks of depression, she speaks of it in a very real way. Bea’s life went slow, Bea felt like she couldn’t make decisions herself. Bea’s character was written in such a consistent way (through both paths), which must have been very difficult to do. So, big praise to Ali Harris for that.

Throughout the book, I found myself wondering, who will she end up with? Which decision was the right one. Well, you will have to read the book yourself to find that out, I don’t want to write any spoilers, though it is very tempting to when writing this review to talk about the end……..

The story leads us thinking which decision will lead to Bea’s happy ever after, what is Bea’s destiny? This is a great book for anyone who thinks ‘what if?’  I most definitely recommend it.

I also would like to add that a really nice touch to Ali’s book at the end was that in the acknowledgements, she thanks her Facebook and Twitter fans. But she also thanks book bloggers and thanks them for the reviews we write. I thought this was really nice and its so good to be appreciated by the authors. So, big thumbs up for that too. ♥


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