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Interview with Rico Lamoureux. Author of Riker’s Calling.

Interview with Rico Lamoureux. Author of Riker’s Calling.

 Today I am very happy to be able to share with you an Author interview with Rico Lamoureux, Author to fantastic new crime thriller ‘Riker’s Calling’.  Rico’s new book is available for pre-order now. His publication day is August 4th. I shared my book review of ‘Riker’s Calling’ here on ChocolatePages. If you read my review, book description and Rico’s thoughts here, I’m quite sure you will be interested in the 25% off price that you can get the book for if you pre order.

You can read my review of Riker’s Calling HERE!

rikers calling

Would you like to start by telling us a little about yourself?

Sure:) In a nutshell, I’m an American author who has been living in the Philippines for fourteen years now. Very long story short, I met the girl of my dreams and we fell in love. After knowing each other in person for only two weeks, (and a few letters over six months as pen pals) we got married. I was unable to acquire a marriage visa for her due to income restraints, and so unable to leave her for who knew how long, I decided to stay. 

My whole life ended up turning upside down, losing the comforts of a First World country and having to adapt to Third World harshness, but for true love, I did it. (Yeah, just as dramatic as one of my books, only this story is true!)

As an indie author I’m still trying to write my way back home. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet that income limit to reach such a goal, but I have no regrets, my main priority now being to at least be able to make enough as an author to where we can finally have the priceless gift of a child. I think after fourteen years of perseverance and patience we deserve such:)

I’ve read that you are classified as legally blind this must make writing much more difficult, but perhaps much more satisfying?

Yes, VERY difficult. And this is why I couldn’t get a ‘normal’ job back in 2002 to get that visa. I’m totally blind in my left eye and legally blind in the right due to Acute Retinal Necrosis. I just know that if I had 20/20 I’d feel like I had a super power, and be at least 100% more productive than I currently am capable of, but this was the card I was dealt, so I just have to make the best of it, pacing myself so as not to strain my remaining sight as I read and write with a magnifying glass held up to my eye. 

Riker’s Calling must have taken some imagination! to portray the mind of a serial killer. What was your inspiration or thought process for this novella?

With writing, as with anything else in life, I feel it’s important to be in alignment with truth, so as far as writing a serial killer, this means lots of research– to know their thought process, impulses, etc. And yes, then there’s the writer’s best friend– imagination. 

I believe a great story requires being true to all the characters. In other words, an author needs to care enough for each to understand them and do them justice. For example, an antagonist doesn’t see themselves as bad. In their mind they’re doing what’s right, so one has to capture such when writing. Walking that thin line between serving all involved and story is what’s crucial to great storytelling. 

I can imagine that ‘Riker’s Calling‘ would make a great film, would this be something you would be interested in?

I’m glad you were able to pick up on that! I have a number of publications out, but I believe the two most cinematic are Riker’s Calling and my dramatic horror story, The Mirrored Staircase. I studied screenwriting in film school, (one year before my eye condition affected my right eye, the left one having been affected eleven years prior and left totally blind.) 

I take an organic approach to writing, which is why each one of my novellas is truly different, the story idea of each telling me how it wants to unfold. So yeah, with Riker’s Calling, it really did come to life like a film, and if given the chance, I really believe it would do well up on the big screen.

Alex Cross…

Jason Bourne…

Riker could be next!

There is a nice quote from Riker’s ‘Niece’ Jaime in the story: 

“Treat your passion like a pastime, you’re a hobbyist. Treat it like it’s your life, you’re an artist.”

Is this how you see your writing, as an artist?

Absolutely! I studied a number of arts during my younger years, including a combat-oriented martial art, acting, and music. But the art of words is what I have been a practitioner of since childhood, and continue to be. Any artist knows that magical feeling of creation, and for me it’s writing. 

What’s next for you?

If Riker’s Calling does well out in the wide vastness of cyber space, which would be a feat in and of itself, I plan to release a companion book for it, revealing a lot of things behind the story, including a secret within the cover. 

I’ll also be releasing my autobiography soon, and maybe even a few more surprises no later than Christmas:) This will all be shared on my social media, and when it comes to twitter, I follow all who follow me, as I feel it’s the right thing to do. 

And whats next for Riker?

Riker has a natural instinct to protect, and with that kind of warrior’s heart he’s going to have to face The Ghostwriter, a disenfranchised writer who snapped and is now wreaking deadly havoc on the publishing industry. (His origin is told in the short story The Ghostwriter, which is now up on Amazon).

This is going to get really personal for Riker, because for the first time in a very long time he will open his heart to someone, The Ghostwriter a looming threat to such happiness.

 As a writer, I imagine that you enjoy reading too? Who are your favourite Authors?

I like to say that my four indirect literary teachers were Stephen King, Robert Cormier, Anne Rice, and Ken Follett. I’ve been trying to get King’s attention to see if he’d be a hero that would blurb The Mirrored Staircase, so if anyone out there knows him…LOL!

You’ve also been on another mission, haven’t you? One involving a tattoo?

Yep! If Riker’s Calling becomes my first bestseller, I’m going to get the cover of it tattooed to my forearm. (Prime real estate, as Jaime would say!) It’ll be my first, and I’m not a fan of needles, but such a milestone would be very important to me:)

Thanks for the great interview, Amanda!



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Book Review: ‘Riker’s Calling’ by Rico Lamoureux

Book Review: ‘Riker’s Calling’ by Rico Lamoureux


Keep an eye on ChocolatePages as tomorrow, I have a brilliant Author interview whereby Rico tells us a bit more about his inspiration and imagination for Riker’s Calling.


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