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My Trip to The Best American / Old Sweet Shop. Sweet Love!

My Trip to The Best American / Old Sweet Shop. Sweet Love!

Mollies Sweet Shop In Welshpool.

I visited Welshpool last weekend for a friend’s Wedding. Her Wedding was amazing, she looked beautiful and I loved sharing their day with them. However, this post is not about their lovely Wedding.

The day after the Wedding, I found this amazing shop. I was so excited, overwhelmed and hungry! My senses were all heightened in this amazing shop. So, here I want to tell you all about it.

DSCF2251 DSCF2254

The shop was the biggest sweet shop I have ever been in, I spent nearly £20 in here!! Which is A LOT only on sweets, I did however spend some of it on gifts for my Gran and Mother in Law though.


These jars cost £4 and you fill them to the brim with whatever sweets you like from the shop. So, we really did fill them up. (Lovely gifts to say thank you).


These flavoured lollies were 5 for £1, so I bought 5 of these for myself and Hubby. The buttered popcorn ones just sounded amazing.


There was an amazing selection of flavoured fudge. I chose some snickers flavour and butter flavour. I had resist trying them all, as there was so much I wanted in this shop.


They had all kinds of American fizzy drinks, and something for everybody – even if you needed freefrom luxuries.

DSCF2242DSCF2239DSCF2234Are you salivating yet??

So many delicious choices here, if you live in or near Welshpool, how lucky are you?!


This shop would be like sweet heaven for children. They had a train filled with sweets traveling around the ceiling of the shop. The shop played lovely Disney songs throughout my visit.

This just made the visit all the sweeter, if that were even possible. 


Chocolate is my most favourite of foods. This selection was my complete indulgence. It was 3 bars for £5, bars with all different coatings on the. I choose these ones. They are amazing!!

my favs

Between my Husband and I, we bought:

A bag of chocolate covered popcorn.

3 bars of chocolate – salted caramel, coffee and chilli.

Chocolate Gingers.

A Thank You Jar.

Dr. Pepper Chews.

5 flavoured Lollies.

A bottle of Cherry Fizzy Drink.

Pecan shortbread.

Snickers Almond.

ButterNutter Bites. 

what i bought

What an incredible shop, that sells so many delicious sweets and choices. The shop s very far away from me, so I was rather indulgent. My friend has said that I can have Mollies goodies as part of my Christmas and Birthday gifts! Lucky me!!


Do you live in or near Welshpool? Have you been to Mollies before?

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on Mollies and sweets.

Thanks for reading.

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