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Social media’s positives and negatives! Book Review: Megan’s Mistake by Susan Willis. #ShortStory

Social media’s positives and negatives! Book Review: Megan’s Mistake by Susan Willis. #ShortStory

I have read a good few short stories by Author Susan Willis. So when a new one came out, I was quick to download it.

Short stories make good coffee break reads and I like to have a few on my kindle for when I want a quick but full story.


With a group of friends Megan is heading off to Glastonbury. She has a ticket to see Kylie and is beside herself with excitement. Her friends are all commenting online, and she posts a photograph of her ticket. To her cost, Megan faces the perils of social media and realises the big mistake she’s made.
Can her friends rally around to help?

My Thoughts:

This was a nice quick read that I enjoyed while waiting for my dinner to cook.

Although described as a cosy crime read, it also had a very modern fiction feel. The dangers of social media were very obvious much to Megan’s dismay.

I liked the completely modern and relatable feel to this short story. Despite it being short, I got a good feel for Megan’s character and her relationship with her sister.

The crime part of the plot was good as we heard from the criminals point of view too.

I really enjoyed this short read as I have with all the other short stories I have read Susan Willis. So much so, I have just downloaded another of her books.

This short story and 10 Short Reads is available to download from Amazon HERE!





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Quick Coffee Break Reads. 3 Short Stories by Susan Willis.

Quick Coffee Break Reads. 3 Short Stories by Susan Willis.

After a busy time doing whatever you do, isn’t it nice just to sit with the beverage of your choice and relax into a book. Well these short stories by Author Susan Willis are the perfect coffee break read. They are each ten minute reads to give you that quick bookish escapism time between the busy hours of your day.

I was lucky enough to see these 3 books on Amazon available to download for free. At the time of writing this, they are 0.99p each.

Paul’s Romantic Picnic.

Paul has been given another chance to impress his ex-wife and launches himself into organising a romantic picnic in the countryside. Along with folding chairs and a picnic rug, he has brought wonderful food and a bottle of her favourite wine. But funnily enough his ulterior motives don’t quite go according to plan…

Published 20th May 2019.

Meet Me At The Eiffel Tower.


Angela is worried that her and hubby, Peter are growing apart. Since Christmas they haven’t spent any time together and she arranges a holiday to Paris. It’ll either make us or break us, as the saying goes. When they were giddy twenty-three-year olds they’d had their first weekend away together in Paris, and she hopes to rekindle their loving relationship with a little Parisian magic. But will Peter actually turn up?

Published 4th June 2019.

Chocolate Cake for a Wedding.

Hollie makes wedding cakes and meets Andrew in the park looking distraught. His fiancee is being a tyrant and insists upon having a traditional fruit cake. He hates fruit cake and when he looks though her portfolio of wedding cakes, she realises he is a chocolate cake fiend. She also realises that he has the best smile ever…

Published 15th May 2019.

My Thoughts:

These three reads were perfect little mini book breaks for me. At different points in my days, I sat and read each one. They are easy reads with quick plots and believable characters.

My favourite of the three was Meet Me At The Eiffel Tower. It was cute, believable and had a satisfying ending.

The writing on all three books flowed well and took me completely into the stories for the short time I was invested in them.

Having read the Author’s work on these short stories, I am in no doubt that I would enjoy her longer novels.

Fancy a quick read, I highly recommend these little reads.

Links for Susan Willis.
Twitter – @SusanWillis69
Instagram – susansuspenseauthor


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Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope you have a lovely day whether you are spending it with your someone special, or you are loving yourself and / or your friends and family. Although, this day has been slated a lot as materialistic and for the shops / restaurants to go crazy and inflate prices, it is also a nice day to feel cared for and loved. I hope you all enjoy, and what a bonus its on a Saturday! 

I hope to do some reading and blogging in the day and spend some quality time with Hubby tonight. ♥

So, I wanted to let you know that I have downloaded some fabulous Valentine’s Day books. Here they are, and I will also tell you my thoughts about them. I will do that in a different post though, as this one is just to show the books. And wish you a lovely day!

The first one:

‘The Valentine Free Zone’, by Fiona Gibson.

valentine fiona

The Funny One: Part of the Love…Maybe ebook short story collection.

Sally’s teenage son Riley wants her out of their flat while he cooks a special Valentine supper for his girlfriend… so how on earth is she supposed to spend the most romantic night of the year?

A laugh-out-loud Valentine’s read, perfect for fans of ‘Outnumbered’ and Fern Britton.

This is available on Amazon now for only 49p!

I have already read this and it was really good, so I shall write my review on this in my next post.

The next one is:

Rescue Me, by Serena Bell.

valentine serena

Getting stood up on Valentine’s Day has taken Molly Mack places she never would have dared to go…

After Molly Mack’s deadbeat boyfriend dumps her on the most romantic day of the year, Molly finds herself pushed to the edge – and in a tight spot. The only rescuer for miles around is her grumpy, laconic – and piping hot – neighbour, Dave Jenkins. Before long, Molly and Dave have struck enough sparks to bring the fire department running. Now the question is, Does Molly still want to be rescued? Or is she exactly where she wants to be?

This one is available FREE on Amazon now! Grab it now!

Next is:

Cupid on the Loose! by numerous Authors.

valentine cupid

A collection of ten contemporary chick lit short stories set around Valentine’s Day.

Cupid is on the loose and anything could happen, as ten of his targets are about to find out. Will they find love or wave it goodbye? If their man goes down on one knee, will they say yes or no? If an old flame suddenly appears, will it start a fire or fizzle out? Read on and find out…

Stories included:

* All the World’s a Page by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

* Miss Understanding in the Ballroom with the Wrench by Geralyn Corcillo

* The Wonder of India by Julie Farrell

* Vodka and Chocolate Hearts by Jean Oram

* Cupid, with a Eucalyptus Tree, in the Teachers’ Workroom by Amy Gettinger

* Sugar, It’s Cold Outside by Celia Kennedy

* Fly, Robin, Fly by Kathryn R. Biel

* Not Just for Valentine’s Day by Karen E. Martin

* Cupid’s Second Chance by Lisa Bambrick

* And The Winner Is… by CeCe Osgood.

I really like short stories, I think they are good for satisfying short reads, but they are also a good way to find new authors that you like.

Well, I’m off for some Valentine reading. Let me know if you are going to or have already read these books and if you have any more recommendations, please let me know.

Have a lovely day!

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