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Dead Guest, Introduction to DS Mark Cage. Short story review & what to expect from the new detective by Author Scott Gidman.

Dead Guest, Introduction to DS Mark Cage. Short story review & what to expect from the new detective by Author Scott Gidman.

There ia a new detective in town and his name is Detective Mark Cage. Written by Author Scott Gidman, we are in for a treat.

‘Dead Guest‘ is a very short story, but packed with good reading for us crime / detective lovers. We see an introduction to this detective when he comes home to find a dead body in his house. 



DS Mark Cage is muddling his way through life. Working the long hours which caused his divorce he is in desperate need of a break. Unfortunately for him, he has to first deal with an unidentified corpse waiting for him on his kitchen floor when he comes home. Can he convince the DI he didn’t kill anybody? Can he help solve who the man is and where he comes from or even catch the killer?

This is a short story, not a full novel and is the first taste of Detective Sergeant Mark Cage.

The next book in the series, Picture Perfect, is due for release December 2018



My Thoughts:

This is a fabulous short story that you can whizz through in a coffee break. I am always keen to find new detectives to love, and I am pretty sure that Mark Cage will be one of those.

After a very busy day, Cage comes home to find a dead man in his kitchen. With no idea who? how? or why? Cage’s detective head is straight on as he calls the police who rush to his home, when Cage realises the finger will be pointed at him!

Can he prove his innocence and find out what happened? You know I can’t tell you that, but what I can tell you is that I am looking forward to the full length novel ‘Picture Perfect’, which is due out in December.





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Book Review: Sweat Street by DJ Swykert.

Book Review: Sweat Street by DJ Swykert.

Sweat Street is the second book I have read by Author DJ Swykert. The first book I read of his The Death of Anyone was brilliant and I loved how the Author really knew his stuff as a previous 911 operator. You can read my review of it HERE!


Sweat Street follows the same kind of gripping crime thriller that I was hoping for from this Author, so I certainly wasn’t disappointed and this book just confirmed what I already knew about DJ Swykert being a talented and knowledgeable Author.




Yuki, a young street girl, witnesses Jack Delgato murder another police officer and an informant. Yuki runs for her life as Delgato relentlessly pursues the only witness to the killing.


Published January 18th 2016 by Magic Masterminds LLC

My Thoughts:

Sweat Street is a short story that is packed full with thrills and grittiness. Yuki is a street girl who is wise to the underworld and knows how to get to what she wants. One night she accidentally is witness to something she wishes she had never seen. 

Again the Author writes a realistic believable story of life on the street, the American underworld, the corruption, drugs and prostitution and all this is packed into a short story with a big impact. 

I got a full impression of the type of character Yuki is, and for a street girl she was surprisingly likeable. The Author described her looks and characteristics so well that I have developed a picture of her in my mind. 

I really like the writing style of the Author, the tale is written with knowledge but also easy to follow while gripping and thrilling for for me to want to read it all in one go.  I really enjoyed Sweat Street, and I highly recommend Sweat Street and this Author and his other books. 






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Mini Review: Purple, Silver, Olive, Orange: A Short Story by Helen Smith

Mini Review: Purple, Silver, Olive, Orange: A Short Story by Helen Smith

Mini Review. 

As you might know, I enjoy reading short stories every now then to break up the longer novels. I like a quick beginning, middle and an end. This book was offered as a free download on Amazon, as part of Helen’s newsletter. I think at the moment, it is available for 99p.

purple silver


An entertaining short story set in a futuristic England, Purple, Silver, Olive, Orange is a bite-sized introduction to Helen Smith’s writing.

Sarah wanted a sensitive, poetic, romantic boyfriend who would bring her flowers. Ryan ticks all the boxes. So why isn’t Sarah happy?


My Thoughts:

This was a really intriguing read. The description was quite vague so I didn’t really know what to expect. The title, description and cover didn’t give much away. Actually I really liked this, as I went into the book not knowing what to expect, but was very pleasantly surprised. 

We hear of the two characters Sarah and Ryan who are in a relationship. We are not sure how long they have been together or at what stage it is at. They get a visitor who shakes things up a bit for them.

The clue is in the description, but I just browsed over that…… Futuristic!  

I haven’t read any of Helen Smith’s books before, but this bite sized read had shown me that I like her writing style. I have read other reviews on the book where people have said ‘there’s a message to appreciate what you have’. I guess you could see this, but I just wanted a quick read that was a bit quirky, and that’s exactly the way I took it. 

Have you read this, or any of Helen Smith’s books? If you have please recommend me the best one? If you haven’t what do you think of the sound of this little treat?












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