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Some Chocolatey Things I have made.

As you know, I am a true chocolate lover. But I also love to bake, so I combine my two loves, and bake lots of chocolate goodies. Here are a few that I have made.Apricot Crunchy CakesApricot Crunchy Cakes. These were a bit of a trial experiment, it was fridge cake with added dried apricots. They turned out delicious and were all finished in a few days. I do share my bakes with family! I have to, otherwise I would totally balloon up.  😉

I have also made Salty Crunchy Cake which is a personal favourite of mine. This has peanuts and Cadbury Crunchy in it. I know some people don’t do sweet and salty together, but I just love it. I I were to recommend any of my bakes, this would be the top recommendation.

Salty Crunchy Cake

Another special recipe invention came when I had so many boxes of chocolates given to me at Christmas time. (I’m not complaining, perfect gift for me!). So I decided to try making chocolate cupcakes with an added chocolate inside. These worked a treat, the chocolate inside stayed soft and goey, so when you bit inside the melted chocolate just oozed out. Just perfect, I used all different kinds of chocolates to put inside. orange creams, caramel chocolates, fudge – they all worked. At Easter time, this can be substituted with all kinds of mini eggs, caramel, cream eggs. Delicious.

choc cake middleI thought I would share just a few of my chocolatey bakes, I have many more to follow.

If you would like recipes of any of the above, feel free to contact me. They really are very easy and so delicious.

For all you chocaholics out there, until next time Goodbye.

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