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Book Review: The Divorced Not Dead Workshop, by CeCe Osgood.

Book Review: The Divorced Not Dead Workshop, by CeCe Osgood.

Thank you very much to author CeCe for my copy of this book. I loved the cover of this book and the description really intrigued me.


Book Description:

“That’s what you called it, Dorsey, and I love it …The Divorced Not Dead Workshop.”

Divorced five years and recently dumped by boyfriend Theo, Dorsey Bing, smart, funny and a wee bit angsty, brainstorms about a dating workshop for divorced people. Too bad she’s an idea person with zero follow-through. That changes when her best friend, Pilar Vega, a feisty go-getter, chooses to set up the workshop, puts herself in charge and gets Dorsey to agree to be her “gofer.”

Things are fine until Dorsey’s widowed stepfather Ralph, and his bride-to-be, Audrey, ask Dorsey to join their wedding cruise to Cabo, which is on the very same weekend as the workshop. Dorsey and Pilar decide to hold the workshop during the cruise. But do things ever really work out as planned. No. No, they don’t.

Complications arise with a startling mishap, rebellious attendees and a fraud accusation, the arrival of Audrey’s good-looking but wily nephew Finn, and the reappearance of Theo. Struggling through the turmoil, Dorsey must face her biggest challenge if she’s to win the love, and life, she’s always desired. 

My Thoughts:

At the beginning of this book Dorsey is let go from her work, so she is unemployed and divorced! She casually mentions the idea of a workshop for divorced men, and her friend Pilar decides they should go for it. The book continues with how this workshop pans out, along with mishaps, romance, embarrassment and much more.

I liked this book right from the beginning when I was captured with giggles from the main character Dorsey having a go at a random lady for not wiping her pee from the toilet seat! Something that everybody would want to do, but perhaps wouldn’t storm out of the cubicle and yell ‘You peed on the seat, I’m not cleaning up your pee’. This made me love Dorsey, even though I was cringing a bit. After this escapade, we find Dorsey hiding under the table from an ex! She is a great character, full of womanly self doubt, love and comedy. The only thing I didn’t love about the main character was her name! Dorsey Bing, a very strange name, but I guess it sticks in your memory, and I did continue to think about Dorsey Bing after I finished the book.

I think this book is about self discovery, I liked the fact that it wasn’t about a young single twenty something, Dorsey and some of the other characters have been married and are now divorced. It was chick lit, but with something a bit different about the characters. I was slightly hesitant that I wouldn’t identify with the characters, as I am not older, divorced, the type to go to a workshop like this. But, I really could identify with Dorsey. In fact, I feel she has some character traits just like me. Dorsey is good at giving others great advice but not so good at taking it herself. She is self doubting, she blames herself for things that a friend would tell her, not to be so silly about. I loved Dorsey and hope that we get to see more of her.

The other characters were very well written too. Dorsey’s 2 best friends Pilar and Mimi. I would describe them as strange friendships, especially Mimi. They are not as upfront and all sharing as written in other chick lit books, but again this is perhaps something that is a lot more real??

The male characters were good. The book opens by saying that ‘men suck‘. The girls wish they could ‘desuckify’ them. I liked how Dorsey uses her own words. “Desuckify“. Not all the men sucked, and you will find out if you read it which ones do and which ones surely don’t.

There was a bit of comparison between Brits and Americans which I found amusing:

“they  were Brits, there’d be no fisticuffs”…….”maybe i was wrong, maybe there would be blood”

– gave a sweet kiss on the lips. Well so much for British reserve”.

It was amusing to see how an American author would write her thoughts on British people!

Overall, I really liked this book, the characters were great, very well written, the storyline was capturing. I wanted to know what would happen to each of them. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes chick lit, and those who want chick lit that is a bit different. I would recommend it to all ages too, don’t be fooled into thinking, I won’t relate because I don’t know anything about divorce. You don’t need to, it is brilliant and funny and makes you want to keep reading.

If you want to read this book, you can buy it from Amazon here:

Please let me know if you buy it, have read it, or are going to add it to your to be read list. I love to hear other people’s thoughts on books that I have read.

Until next time, happy reading! ♥


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