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Book Review: 12 Hours, by Hannah Harvey.

Book Review: 12 Hours, by Hannah Harvey.

This novella just published by fantastic author Hannah Harvey. You might remember my post on her release date yesterday. With the exciting release of the book, I was very keen to read and hence review it. It did not disappoint!

12 hours

The book is the author’s fifth Young Adult book, with the difference being that this is a novella, just 54 pages. 


Two months ago, Riley was heartbroken when her boyfriend of almost a year, James, broke up with her on her graduation day, and then left town without saying goodbye.
She hasn’t heard from him since that day. Until now.
Now it’s two months on. It’s midnight, and she’s just received a message from him.

I’m outside. I need you.

Three little words she’s never been able to resist from him. Over the next twelve hours, follow Riley on an emotional journey, as she tries to work out why he’s back. If he’s staying and what she wants now that he’s back in her life again.

My Thoughts:

This was a lovely read, very obviously young adult genre as it follows Riley through the night time hours with her ex boyfriend James. We learn straight away that Riley thinks James is the love of her life…. except he left! But now he is back and has contacted her by a text in the middle of the night. Riley goes out to see what he wants, and then we follow the two of them through the night, over the 12 hours. (clever title  😉 )

I liked the way the author wrote this book, it was like 24 (with Jack Bauer) but nothing like the storyline!!! I mean you could follow the story in real time, its a nice idea especially for a novella. The author wrote the characters with a lot of thought and insight, she could really get into the heads of the young people, and imagine how they would react to the situations that happened. It was emotional and exciting all at once. 

As the story continued and you got to know James, my feelings for him changed. You will have to read to see yourself…….. no spoilers here!

This is the first book of Hannah Harvey’s that I have read, and I loved it. It was cute, thoughtful and very well written. I will definitely be reading more of her books.

Check out Hannah here:

Twitter: @BookTowerBlog

If you have read this or any other book by Hannah, I would love to hear from you.

Happy Reading!



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